What is CaSPAr?

Many aspects of modern life depend on the weather and the ability to access accurate weather information. CaSPAr was designed to enhance these applications by providing easily accessible archives of weather prediction data for researchers and end users!
CaSPAr was formed by a partnership between the NSERC Canadian FloodNet, Environment and Climate Change Canada, ESRI Canada and several Canadian universities.

Applications of CaSPAr Data

Weather and environmental models provide critical information for modern life. CaSPAr provides this data in an easy to use convenient format for research and practice.


Reservoir Management


Transportation Planning

Flood Forecasting

Public Safety



Renewable Energy

Demand Forecasting

Human Health

Management and Safety

Thanks to CaSPAr Developers

We would like to acknowledge the support of Environment and Climate Change Canada for their help with data provision and access.
Don't forget to contribute on the CaSPAr Public GitHub Site!

Contact us!

Send CaSPAR an eMail to the support team if you have any questions!